The 3 Worst Things You Can Do When Life Overwhelms You: The ABC's of How to Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts and Feelings

The 3 Worst Things You Can Do When Life Overwhelms You: The ABC's of How to Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Some days the hits just keep coming...and some days just hit harder than others! But then - just when you least expect it - and always when you feel least prepared, there comes a moment that completely overwhelms you; in an instant you're upside down, head under water, with nothing to grab onto but your own frantic thoughts...

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Some days the hits just keep coming...and some days just hit harder than others!

But then - just when you least expect it - and always when you feel least prepared, there comes a moment that completely overwhelms you; in an instant you're upside down, head under water, with nothing to grab onto but your own frantic thoughts.

And believe me, I know first hand just how heavy-handed, how overwhelming life can be!

How I Won My Battle with a Triple Whammy

Many years back, in the midst of moving to southern Oregon to study, in person, with author Guy Finley, I was facing several "tests."

My mother had recently died; my job was growing more stressful with each passing day, and then . . . I found myself face-to-face with the scariest health news I'd ever received.

It's the diagnosis we all dread - the "big C." A malicious cancer had been found growing in my body.

You can imagine the fear, the "why me" questions, the guilt that every cancer patient feels, including the self-incrimination thoughts like "if only I'd done something to prevent this from happening!"

As I made each difficult decision I second-guessed every one of them. And I remember waking up one morning facing the gaping abyss of my own mortality.

But then, something new began to happen, and it all started with one of those "aha" moments.

The change began when it occurred to me that maybe I wasn't in this alone; that instead of just submitting myself to fear and suffering, complaining about virtually everything, I should actually start applying some of the beautiful principles I had come to Southern Oregon to study and learn.

What a concept! Isn't it strange how we can recognize the power of what is true, and say we love it, but somehow...keep forgetting to APPLY it?

Beginning to apply what I had been learning made all the difference.

There was one idea in particular that kept coming back to me that I decided to really put to the test; a kind of golden principle that wasn't about something I should be thinking, or trying to do. It was about certain things I should STOP doing.

Wow! That was when it all really began to turn around for me.

Days later, I remember sitting in the hospital when I noticed something was missing: I wasn't feeling at all frightened or alone. Rather, it was as though something pure and silent, deeply spiritual was gently touching my head, much as a father would do to comfort his child; I just knew, somehow, that no matter what I had to face, it was all for the Good.

As the years have passed since this experience, I've applied this golden principle in other difficult moments where I felt things were getting beyond my ability to handle them. In little moments, like waiting impatiently in line at the grocery store. And in big moments when, a little later on, hearing my doctor say she thought we should have another biopsy!

It didn't matter what the difficulty was. It didn't matter what initiated the feeling of being overwhelmed. As soon as I remembered the golden principle, the balance of power shifted - in MY favor.

Instead of being on the low end of the see-saw, being submerged in a flood of fear or anger or depression, I found myself rising above the situation. I had an absolutely new kind of self-command.

Now don't get me wrong. It isn't that these situations disappeared. That would be impossible because, as you well know, we cannot control life. But the critical point is that I changed.

And as I watched this miracle unfolding within myself every day, I had the marvelous realization that no matter what happened, ever, everything really always would be all right.

Incredibly, just as Guy has been teaching for more than three decades now, the change in me ended up changing every situation, so that everything always was - and is - and I know, always will be - all right.

When You Stop Doing the Wrong Thing, Everything Changes

That experience helped to build in me a new kind of faith; a new kind of faith, or perhaps a new level of its power, that there is a real reason, a celestial one, behind all of the challenging lessons in this life that we're given to undergo. And it holds the key to self- transformation - to becoming a person who is able to meet life head on, and never feels overwhelmed.

If you could harness this inner power - granted by what I'm calling the golden principle:

  • You could take all of life's surprises in stride

  • You'd always be interested in what each day brings, and never fearful of any outcome

  • You'd know when to say "yes" - and when to say "no" - and have the courage to say it!

  • You'd never worry about taking on something new, because you would know that you always receive - in each moment - the very resources required to handle what's needed

  • Your relationships would be honest, loving, and mutually fulfilling because they wouldn't be based on any desire to have your self-images supported

  • You'd never suffer over the actions of others, feel needy and dependent, or feel the pain of comparing yourself to anyone else

  • You'd never have that awful feeling that "this is too much for me"

  • You'd always know that life is on your side - and not your worst enemy

  • You'd never think to blame others, let them "have it," and destroy your relationships in the process

  • You'd eagerly try new things and make delightful discoveries about who you really are

  • You'd be able to really relax, instead of being haunted by thoughts about "how much I have on my plate," "that awful thing that they did," "what am I going to do when such-and-such happens?"

In other words, you'd have a new kind of command in life, a new level of happiness, and the new contentment and self-possession that comes of having a real relationship with the Divine.

Freedom From Being Overwhelmed Is the Freedom to Really Live!

Imagine being able to go anywhere, be asked for anything, meet anyone, and no longer feeling the slightest bit overwhelmed by that moment.

Or if you did, knowing how to instantly transform that feeling into a fearless understanding.

I think you'd agree, the secret to this kind of self-command would be priceless.

Your Step-by-Step Guide: How to Know Exactly What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Life

Guy Finley presented one of those all-inclusive talks that sum up his most powerful principles based on a lifetime of inner work. The talk addressed the very concepts I've been talking about here. It was about that awful feeling of being overwhelmed by work, by relationships, by life itself - and exactly what to do about it.

Or rather I should say, what NOT to do about it. Because this one-hour program reveals the biggest mistakes we make that bring us to the point where it all feels like too much for us - and what we must immediately stop doing so that we rise out of our fear, negativity, and heartbreak.

The name of the program is: The 3 Worst Things You Can Do When Life Overwhelms You: The ABC's of How to Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts and Feelings. It's one of Guy's simplest, most practical talks ever.

In this amazing one-hour program you are shown - exactly - why the "old standbys" to help us escape or resolve our pain have proven powerless to rescue us.

We're shown why looking for a new tactic to avoid an old trouble situation never works; why finding someone or something to blame for our pain only makes that pained part of us feel more real and the same time; and why returning to some old way of making yourself feel better that's never worked in the past is like hoping that a great white shark will take you to shore after you fall off a boat at sea!

This talk is powerful medicine. If you ever feel overwhelmed, this is the information you will always want to turn to. And to get your own copy, you can simply use the buttons below to order. Then you can start following these highly effective steps to inner freedom.

Now You Can Discover...

  1. How to stop the root cause of unnecessary suffering in yourself.

  2. How your usual actions actually put you in danger - and the new actions that keep you safe.

  3. The sure-fire way to change any outcome that you fear.

  4. A simple change of perception that transforms everything.

  5. New actions that liberate you from unnatural psychological resistance.

  6. Why unwanted moments keep repeating themselves, and how to break that cycle for good.

  7. How to properly use moments when you feel overwhelmed to identify - and abolish - the actual problem. (It's not what you think!)

  8. How to stop creating what you don't want, and start welcoming the new life that's better than anything you can imagine now.

These are real, practical solutions to all those feelings that keep you trapped in place, unable to move in the face of what feels like an overwhelming opposing force.

The power of that force is an illusion, but you keep it in place by what you do in response to it. When you stop doing what actually keeps that feeling going, YOU rise to the top. But it's hard to see it without help because these responses are so ingrained in us.

Fortunately, now Guy Finley gives you the upper hand. Take what you learn in The 3 Worst Things You Can Do When Life Overwhelms You: The ABC's of How to Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts and Feelings and put it to the test. At any moment when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, take the simple steps Guy outlines, and see if you don't have a completely different view of yourself and your situation.

You can prove to yourself that these principles work, just as they worked for me. That pile of work you're facing will be cut down to size. That heartbreak you're feeling will begin to subside. Those fears of the future that now haunt you will lose their power to make you shake.

You Also Receive a Free, 1-Hour Bonus Program: Ultimate Power: How to Put Any Fear or Sorrow Behind You... Once and For All

Guy spoke before a group in Newport Beach, California, and the transforming ideas in this talk are such a perfect complement to The 3 Worst Things You Can Do When Life Overwhelms You that he decided to add the Newport talk as a FREE bonus. In Ultimate Power: How to Put Any Fear or Sorrow Behind You... Once and For All Guy explains why it's possible for you to begin to doubt that you have to live with the fear of being hurt, or overwhelmed - by anything.

This illuminating, life changing 1-hour audio program in downloadable MP3 format is included with every order of The 3 Worst Things You Can Do When Life Overwhelms You at no extra charge. And since you will receive the link to this eye-opening information right away, you can get started on absorbing its wisdom immediately!

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  1. How to exit any moment a better, stronger human being than when you entered it.

  2. How to rid yourself of the enemies and regrets that now prevent you from being free.

  3. How to get your life into the right order so that you're filled with new energy and your days become easy as they follow life's natural flow.

  4. How to change the world around you by changing the world within you.

  5. How to see through the illusion of everything that now frightens you.

  6. A simple 3-step formula you can use in any unwanted moment that puts YOU in charge.

  7. How to recognize and rise above the only thing that stands between you and real happiness.

Learn What to STOP Doing Before You Struggle Through One More Day!

Right now, while you're reading this - and without your realizing it -you could be doing something that's keeping your pain of feeling overwhelmed alive. You can't recognize it because it's disguised as something that's helping you.

Now, don't waste time feeling bad about that. Billions of human beings around the world are doing the same thing. It's just what people do when they don't know any better.

And don't waste time continuing to make their mistake, because now YOU can know better.

There's a part of you that knows you weren't put on this earth to feel as though life is too much for you. There are tremendous forces of the universe that are working for your success. You just have to stop undermining their efforts by continually doing the wrong thing.

The information that can help you stop hurting yourself and open a whole new chapter in your life is all laid out for you in The 3 Worst Things You Can Do When Life Overwhelms You and the companion bonus talk, Ultimate Power: How to Put Any Fear or Sorrow Behind You... Once and For All.

Start meeting life with new confidence and enthusiasm. Use the buttons below to place your order. Then as you put these simple ideas to work for yourself, you'll see that when you stop doing the wrong thing, everything becomes right!

Dr. Ellen Dickstein
Life of Learning Foundation

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