Awaiting the Divine
  • Posted: Sunday, September 22, 2002
  • 137 words
Awaiting the Divine
Awaiting the Divine

Waiting for a shooting star on a pitch black night, or the touch of a cooling breeze on a hot summer's eve is no doubt part of the pleasure of that desired arrival...if not the greater part.

In waiting for what one longs to have envelop him, the anticipation of the coming is a special kind of awareness of what will come, so that in this kind of conscious attendance one is united with the spirit of what comes prior to its arrival.

In this awake and attentive state of self the actual moment of one's expectation fulfilled is but the realization of a fragrance whose subtle essence has risen up to pour itself out of his now flowering heart... a heart that is the source, the sender, and the receiver of what has been sent.

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