Let What is Good Become Your Life
Let What is Good Become Your Life
  • Posted: November 8, 2017
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Key Lesson

Evil always justifies its choices and actions, regardless how dark that outcome. What is good never has to justify itself... because it never acts against itself.


Human beings are endowed with certain features in their nature that may allow them to choose what they become. And since the choice is not whether to become one thing or another, but rather in whose likeness we are becoming, the wise among us see this fact and work accordingly to align ourselves with those forces intuited to be for the highest good. Then their goodness becomes our own, and our lives become their expression. Here is the key to this highest of relationships:

Learning to love what is good begins with being truthful about what we presently love and what we are becoming because of our relationship with it. This higher level of self-awareness actually transforms the life it becomes aware of, and as we are transformed by it -- and begin becoming new within it -- then we know that the true benefit of loving the good is that this love becomes us.

Question: I can't believe that I still choose to let dark emotional states such as rage or anxiety into my inner house. Sometimes I even see these dark clouds coming, and still I give myself over to them. I'd like to be stronger.

Answer: There are certain vital shocks that each of us must go through if we want to become a different kind of human being. One of these critical shocks is the discovery that we are indeed possessed by what seems to be two wills. Recall that the New Testament apostle Paul said, "I don't do the good I want to do, instead I do the evil I don't want to do." What he was pointing out is that it's one thing to come aware of a conflicted nature, and another thing to begin being able to not express it. The ability to not express negative states is not a power we win. We are freed from these conflicted inner conditions as we die to the nature that is their progenitor.

Question: In relationships, why does it seem as though it's the honest people in life who are forever being lied to? Does evil win this way, or what?

Answer: Would you like to hear a timeless truth that most of us have either forgotten we already know or that is sadly discounted today because of the prevailing sick socioeconomic conditions? Honesty is its own reward. We receive, moment to moment, the "reward" of our own nature. Let the liars lie. You be true. That is all you have to know and do. Don't be concerned with the liar's fate; it is sealed with every lie told.

Question: I usually feel really good about the conditions around me in my life. However, sometimes I get thoughts (on a deeper level) that one might never imagine a positive person like me thinking, and they are possibly more negative than anything I thought of before my self-study.

Answer: Don't fight this new awareness. The wrong parts of us tell us that a "good" person doesn't have dark thoughts. This causes us to resist the state, which in turn breathes life into it. This is how we fall into the hands of negative states. It is trickery. Learn to watch everything and judge nothing. Stay quiet. All self-harming states must come and go if you will work at this.

Question: Recently I have been shocked by what I see is a growing fascination with a kind of sickness running through our whole society. What is it about violence, fear, and gore that seems to thrill us?

Answer: Within each human being dwells the full spectrum of Light and darkness... all energies co-inhabiting. Our fascination with evil, with violence, belongs to those dark aspects of our present nature that actually feed themselves and are sustained by this enigmatic energy. Stay awake. Detach yourself as best you can from this relationship with darkness. There is much to be learned. You are safe as long as the Light remains your preferred friend and innermost wish.

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