Turn Away From Recurrence
Turn Away From Recurrence
  • Posted: July 27, 2015
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Key Lesson

Be wise. Stay Awake. Remain attentive to all that you do, for there comes no second error that doesn't follow on the heels of the first.


If you continue living as you presently are -- as an outer-oriented person -- you will be doomed to re-create your life the way it has always been. This recurrence is reincarnation of self by the self. Only as it cycles back through itself this life tends to descend and get worse because the false self gets smaller as it psychically circles back through itself.

The instruction for how to break out of this circle of self is partially revealed in the discovery of this circle's existence and its inherent limitations. The good news is that there is another you, another Life where your experience of yourself is completely different because you've turned around. You've escaped the circle of self by learning to face in a whole new direction.

Prayer is intended to be deliberate, conscious inner work to help you turn your life around. What's the new direction? Inward. We know how we are now... clearly living an outwardly directed life. The secret I'm trying to tell you is that there are no new ideas that you are going to receive from the self that is looking where it is looking. The only world it knows doesn't have new ideas. Something truly new can happen to you only within the ever-becoming inner world, and prayer is intended to help you to realize both this eternal newness within yourself as well as to reveal yet another great secret: This newness is your True Self.

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