Free Yourself from the Pain of the Past
Free Yourself from the Pain of the Past
  • Posted: May 8, 2017
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Key Lesson

There is no such thing as the innocent remembrance of some past pain or tormenting moment in your life.


Each day presents countless opportunities for you to be free now of any tormenting thoughts about the past. Learning how to use these moments leads to real inner change.

Following are five ways in which your awareness of this power of now can transform each challenging life experience (or memory) into a new and true beginning for you.

Take responsibility for your life experience.

The way you feel toward what you meet in life is a direct expression of who you are. And who you are is exactly the same as what you secretly value. Seeing that you feel the way you do because you treasure what you do is what it means to take responsibility for your life.

Release all resentments.

It's important for you to see that holding on to some hurt (or hatred) over what others may have done to you in the past makes you their slave in the here and now. Is that what you want? Learn to ask for something new by refusing to relive what's been tearing at you. This higher request releases you from raging resentments.

Laugh in the face of defeat.

It's a fact that defeat is nothing but a bad memory. And no memory has any real life of its own. This means that the only time you have to feel the pain of any defeat is if you ask for it -- by going into troubled thought about some painful past loss. You can have the last laugh on defeat. Stay in the present moment. Learn to laugh now.

Realize there's no gain in blame.

When your feet ache because your shoes are too tight, you don't complain that someone else made you put them on. So why blame another when it's your feelings that are hurting you? If wearing painful emotions means you have to bear their pressure, then dare to drop them. You'll feel much better. There's no gain, only pain, in blame.

Start your life all over.

Any time you choose, you can start your whole life over. And you can have just as many new beginnings as you're willing to leave behind you all of your ideas about yourself. That's what it means to start all over. Life can only be as new as you choose to be. Wake up. Start your life over now.

Succeed just once -- with any one of these unique exercises -- and you'll never be the same again. All will be new for you now as you consciously let go of the memories that have tormented you.

Excerpted From: Freedom From the Ties That Bind, pages 160-170

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