Discover the New You in a New View
Discover the New You in a New View
  • Posted: October 14, 2013
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Key Lesson

Most people would rather complain about some painful life pattern than dare to meet the level of their own consciousness responsible for its repeated appearance... and therein do the work needed to change it once and for all.


There are many things that have happened and that are happening in this world that are, at best, difficult to deal with. There's no question about it: human beings often do awful things to each other. Certainly, compassion is in terribly short supply. But the key point for our inner work is that events -- in themselves -- do not have the power to make us suffer. It is our reaction that throws us, unaware, into the world of our unenlightened selves. Where these spirits rule, so does suffering. The proof of this crucial finding, that events themselves are not the source of our pains, can be found in the many examples throughout history. In every age there have been those people who have overcome highly challenging events to emerge not only stronger but with a new wisdom that can never be made to suffer again in the same old way.

As difficult as it may be, we must begin to doubt our own suffering. This new action may seem impossible at first because our pain can feel so real. But, if we'll put ourselves on the side of wanting and working to see what is the actual truth of our situation, our gradually deepening perception will show us how to see through that suffering straight to the heart of its shadowy cause. For example, when we fight with the person we blame for our discomfort, all we do is increase our anguish which, in turn, strengthens our belief in that person as being our punisher. If instead we turn our attention back on ourselves, we can start to question this habitual view of our situation. Now, instead of just accepting stock answers as to why we must ache, we can ask new questions about the necessity of that conflict. For instance, what is it about us that is vulnerable to being hurt by anything someone else does? With just this one question in mind, that person's action is no longer the issue. The issue is what is happening within us.

Our new perspective on mental and emotional pain shows us we need not, and must not, handle it as we've always been directed to in the past. What we do need is to grow in our understanding of it. When we shine the light of this new understanding into any situation, we no longer produce shadows to fear. And without fear we are free. Certainly, conditions may present themselves that we must deal with in a practical way, but there are no battles to fight. Fearful shadows disappear in the light of higher awareness.

Remember: Your True Self doesn't win in life by overpowering problems, but by revealing they never really existed as you once believed they did.

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