Discover the Power of Self-Awareness
Discover the Power of Self-Awareness
  • Posted: September 21, 2019
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Key Lesson

Each moment is pregnant with infinite new possibilities that can only be realized and conceived in the "womb" of a higher consciousness that waits -- in perfect stillness -- to be both the instrument, and the witness of that new birth.


We each have, and operate from, a false nature that is a jumble of our memories, conditioning, and temperamental qualities. It is this unsuspected false nature that meets the world each day, responding to and interpreting each and every one of life's fluctuations. It is very important for us to begin to understand that of themselves these ever-changing conditions in life are neutral, but the false nature imposes its own meaning on all these life changes; labeling and defining them so much so that the event you see unfolding before you is really nothing more than a circumstantial creation of the false self.

To the unaware person, the event may feel new and so may his or her response, but in fact, both are based on the past. Rarely, if ever, do we see things as they really are, but only through an interpretation of them. We rarely respond spontaneously, but mostly as we have done before. No wonder we find ourselves caught up in the same kinds of situations again and again, and nothing ever seems to be resolved in a new way.

For the majority of people who never look beyond the surface of their lives, the reactions of this false nature are all they ever know about themselves. They respond mechanically to events without ever questioning their responses, or how those responses change from moment to moment. These men and women never question the confusion and heartache that comes with trying to live a real, consistent life, while being whipsawed by this ever-changing false nature. Rarely, if ever, do these people wonder why they so often feel threatened and defensive without bringing others into the picture as being the cause. Yet the real sorrow in all of this isn't in the kind of life these individuals are resigned to, but in the fact that they unknowingly deny themselves a true life through their unquestioned false assumptions about themselves. We must, and can, learn to be different.

To begin, it is only necessary to understand that we each have a false nature that is presently acting as an intermediary between who we really are and the world around us. It is this same false nature that both creates and places us on the psychological battlefield, and that prevents us from directly experiencing life from our higher, real selves. This false nature is the intimate enemy, and its only power over each of us is in what we don't as yet understand about it, which means it is soon to be powerless!

Somewhere, beneath all the added-on characteristics at the surface of the personality, a real self is waiting to emerge. It is that "still small" part of us, an undivided self that, by and in its very own wholeness, is capable of observing the ever-changing kaleidoscope of the false nature . . . and that which, in seeing the false self -- in the light of its own wholly awakened state -- also sees that the pains and problems of this much separated-self are as unreal and unnecessary to real life as is the lesser-self itself.

This means we no longer need struggle with any sinking feeling we have about our life. Our capacity for self-awareness is greater than any limitation created by an undetected false self. As you begin to wield the mighty weapon of new self-awareness, as you let the Light fight for you, not only does the false self lose its power to misguide you, but it begins to disappear altogether. This is what we're after.

As we become newly aware that in our unawakened state we live in and from a multiplicity of diverse (false) selves, that very awareness begins to bring about the end to all these temporary persons who take charge of our lives. As the whirling, changing selves begin to fade, which they must do in the light of our growing awareness of them, something real, something peaceful, begins to reveal itself to us from within us.

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