Forever Free: Let Go, Live Now, and Find Happily Ever After [Teleseminar Special]

Forever Free: Let Go, Live Now, and Find Happily Ever After [Teleseminar Special]

8-Hr Video Program Plus Bonus Book Bonus Video Save 31% Off the Entire Package! Nothing increases your potential to become new, down to your very core, like prolonged contact with a genuine source of truth. And that's exactly what Guy Finley's life-changing course, Forever Free, is designed to provide. It's a full-on immersion into the process of self-discovery like none other! During this... Learn more
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8-Hr Video Program Plus Bonus Book & Bonus Video

Save 31% Off the Entire Package!

Nothing increases your potential to become new, down to your very core, like prolonged contact with a genuine source of truth.

And that's exactly what Guy Finley's life-changing course, Forever Free, is designed to provide. It's a full-on immersion into the process of self-discovery like none other!

During this intensive 8-hour course, Guy shares the keys to turning inspiring knowledge into purposeful actions that can transform your life inside and out.

Don't just dream about freedom. Live it NOW!

Find new strength and courage to live as you were meant to live. In these talks Guy Finley reveals how you can:

  • Remember yourself and be released from the illusion of limitation
  • Find a world far above worries, fears, and doubt
  • Act from your divine right to make any dark moment fade from sight
  • Learn 5 simple words guaranteed to dismiss any self-punishing state
  • Reclaim the peace and power of your immortal self

You will want to refer back to these talks again and again for their wisdom and encouragement as you step forward into genuine freedom!

Now YOU can discover these incredible secrets for yourself. For a limited time we're bundling together three of our most powerful step-by-step guides to finding authentic happiness. Each one blends practical, nuts-and-bolts instruction with inspired, life-renewing wisdom from #1 best-selling author, Guy Finley.

Best of all, through special arrangement we're slashing 31% off the price of this life-changing package for all teleseminar attendees -- but only for a limited time.

Your Forever Free package includes these groundbreaking programs by Guy Finley:

Item #1: Let Go and Live in the Now

Awaken the Peace, Power, and Happiness in Your Heart
220-page softcover book or eBook

This is one of those special books that come around only once in a lifetime.

Each page of this spiritual classic sparkles with self-empowering insights, encouraging ideas, and the all-but-forgotten Higher Principles that throw open the doors to the riches of your True Self.

Just as bridges must be built between cultures and countries, so too must bridges be built to span the distance between the great wisdom teachings of centuries past and our own times. Let Go and Live in the Now is such a bridge. Its gentle but sometimes shocking revelations reach right into the mind of the seeker of the higher life, filling it with a palpable new light that helps bridge the distance between who we are at present and what we may yet become.

Much more than just a set of "how to" instructions, this is a book whose thought-provoking stories and penetrating insights work directly upon your heart, to help start the internal process of self-healing. Here are just a few of the topics covered in this illuminating book:

  • Spiritual Secrets With the Power to Help Set You Free
  • The Higher Self-Understanding That Heals All Hurts
  • The Power to Dismiss Discontentment From Your Life
  • Use Eternal Principles to Empower Yourself In the Now
  • Advanced Lessons in Letting Go

Item #2: 3 Words to Take You Beyond Any Limitation

Break Through the "I Can't" Barrier
1-Hour DVD or MP4 Video Seminar

There is nothing that you can't do, nothing.

In those moments when it feels like you can't get past some sense of personal limitation, what's really going on is that you're unconsciously identified with unseen parts of yourself that don't want you to become conscious of them. They know that if you dare to go through what they don't want you to... you will see them for the lie that they are. Here's the bottom line on what you need to break through the "I can't" barrier:

Even though feeling limited seems like a "bad" thing to our present mind, there's nothing actually bad about it at all. Once we learn the proper way to approach these negative feelings, every limitation we meet is actually transformed into a secret doorway to the higher success we are seeking.

When we have this healthy and empowering new understanding, our whole relationship with life literally turns completely around and heads in a bright new direction:

  • Enthusiasm takes the place of skepticism
  • Curiosity takes the place of fear
  • Creativity takes the place of greed
  • Compassion takes the place of resentment
  • Self possession takes the place of stress and worry

Plus! You'll Also Receive Downloadable Audio-Only MP3 Versions of all the Video Material

The Forever Free package includes an additional set of complete MP3 downloads for the album plus the bonus seminar so you can have some "wisdom on the go" in your car, on your iPod, etc.

You will feel enlightened, inspired, and spiritually renewed as you watch and listen to Guy.

Those of us who were present at the filming of Forever Free felt that we were witnessing the birth of something very special. And now you too can participate in these extraordinary sessions, almost as if you were actually there.

This Forever Free combo package has the power to transform your life. Today it is being offered to you by special arrangement, and will only be available for a limited time at this reduced price.

Don't miss out on finding the secrets you've been waiting your whole life to hear! Order your package right now using the buttons above!

Backed by our 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Table of Contents

Talk 1: Remember These 3 Words & Rise Above Negative Thoughts & Feelings

  • Never give unhappiness any excuse, any consolation, any release, any hope, any purpose, or any voice. Always give unhappiness your awakened intention not to make its sorry condition your life.

Talk 2: Remember Yourself and Be Released From the Illusion of Limitation

  • If we must dream, let us long for that life beyond ourselves; for who desires things already known, or otherwise imagined, in forms reconfigured from fantasies too well worn? Behold! It is the unknown life that calls to us from a desire untold--too distant and dark to be seen, but nearer to us than the very light in which we dwell.

Talk 3: How to Find a World Far Above Worries, Fears, and Doubt

  • The one who finds the truth, the source of its path, and the footsteps that lead up and back to the living Light within oneself, has joy. For he has, at last, found and realized the true body of his own timeless being.

Talk 4: Your Divine Right to Make Any Dark Moment Fade From Sight

  • Remember that all dark thoughts and feelings require our consent to punish us and that these negative states are, in themselves, literally nothing without the powers we grant them. Then, in this same bright moment of recalling the truth of ourselves, we are made the conqueror of what would overcome us!

Talk 5: 5 Simple Words Guaranteed to Dismiss Any Self-Punishing State

  • Just as a swarm of flies that darkens the sky is swept aside by a single breeze, so too can the pervasive negative states that darken one's heart and mind be brushed away--if we will only dare to come awake to ourselves and ask that tormenting spirit a single question: Upon what is your authority based?

Talk 6: How to Let Go, Live Now, and Find Happily Ever After"" + Q & A

  • To realize the power of living in the ""Presence moment"" requires entering into its flow; the nature of these living waters is a timeless intelligence that knows, regardless of how things appear...that everything is exactly as it must be in that moment, even as it carries within it the seed of a creation destined, at the outset, to become something further perfected.

Talk 7: How to Reclaim the Peace and Power of Your Immortal Self

  • The smallest effort to remember the Divine, or even one of its timeless truths, connects you to a calmness whose power is in that secret strength found in all things deep.

Talk 8: 2 Special Secrets About Silence That Can Help Set You Free - Parts I & II

  • True silence doesn't have intelligence--it is intelligence of an order, which a divided mind cannot comprehend. Its peace surpasses all understanding.

  • Only your work to patiently stand in the presence of a negative state can render it powerless and prove - at the same time - it's a pain pointless.

  • Just as true emptiness holds all things, true silence bears all things. Whatever is brought into this silence, whatever it touches, is gradually silenced . . . not by an act of domination, but through a peaceful integration of a lesser peace into a greater one.

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