Let the Following Higher Hints Help You to Choose In Favor of Your True Self
Let the Following Higher Hints Help You to Choose In Favor of Your True Self
  • Posted: August 16, 2002
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Key Lesson

Part I:

It is never the unwanted condition itself that has us stuck, but that we are unknowingly hung up in habitual thoughts and feelings about our situation. To be New we must learn to see ourselves from that part of us that knows who we really are, our True Nature, was not created to be a captive of anything!

Part II:

Just as the echo of a voice that has shouted out, "Stop making all that noise!" is itself powerless to stop the one shouting, or to otherwise effect a change in its own harsh tone, so too is the level of self that negatively reacts to any unwanted condition powerless to change its unpleasant experience of that moment, or to transcend its own unconsciously self-produced stress as it goes through this struggle.

Part III:

We must stop searching for some kind of happiness "to come" and learn what it means for us to be Whole in the present moment... For all forms of momentary happiness have proven themselves as little more than brightly colored clouds briefly set afire by the setting sun. The more we learn how to choose in favor of being true to our own True Being, the sooner we will come to realize the Timeless happiness that already awaits anyone who will seek It first.

  1. Whatever we are driven to win can never lead to true victory, because anyone who is driven to do anything is being whipped along by forces outside of himself.

Excerpted From: The Secret of Letting Go

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