The Golden Rule of Self-Realization

A common anxiety is the haunting feeling that things aren’t as they should be. But you can live in another world where painful stress is transformed into the seed of true self-command. The gateway to this higher world is self-realization. This eCourse shows you how to get there using a host of powerful methods that invite the Light of the Divine to lift you above any dark thought or feeling.

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The Golden Rule of Self-Realization
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Discover Who You Really Are With . . .

The Golden Rule of Self-Realization

Most of what we think of when we think about who we are, is not who we are at all.

All our memories, the facts of our upbringing, our experiences growing up and entering into adult life. . . these all form the essence of what we think of as our personality. But all of it is no more than the external coating we’ve acquired over time.

The memories can be sweet or painful; our self-pictures can be positive, negative, or some combination. We may have made lots of money or very little; gotten an advanced education or none; have a huge family or live alone.

But all these things that seem to be such an integral part of who we are, in fact are just like the wrapping on a gift, the dust cover on a book. They are easily torn away. It’s only what’s inside that counts.

Then Who Are We Really?

If someone tried to tell you who you really are, would you believe them? The fact is, who you really are can’t be described to you by anyone else in a way you could understand. It’s something we each have to discover for ourselves by making contact with another order of our own being. Otherwise whatever we were told would just be words to us.

But you can be given instructions for how you can realize your true self by working to dismantle the false self that currently rules your life. This process of self-realization is what the inner work is all about. And for more than 40 years, Guy Finley has been helping people undergo this process by providing vital explanations and methods that anyone can use to make the inner journey.

Guy’s 4-hour MP3 album, The Golden Rule of Self-Realization, offers an in-depth explanation and powerful exercises that can speed the aspirant’s way to discovering this Kingdom within.

Key Milestones to Self-Realization

The four revealing sessions in The Golden Rule of Self-Realization give you specific steps that take you on the journey of inner discovery. Each talk is filled with helpful insights, practical actions, and real inspiration.

Here is a listing of just some of what you will learn as you listen to Guy’s helpful wisdom:

 Talk One: The Golden Rule of Self-Realization

  • How to come into agreement with life
  • New understanding, a new relationship with life, and new actions
  • The healing power of releasing what’s been hidden in you
  • How to come in contact with your true guide
  • The transformational power of going from “I know” to “I’ll grow”

Talk Two: Three Words to Transcend Any Difficulty

  • How to invite the revelations that transform you
  • A two-word phrase that helps you recognize and use the hidden gift in any moment
  • A three-word exercise you can use to transcend whatever difficulty you face
  • The one thing anyone can do to help change the world
  • The power in letting go 

Talk Three: Use the Three C’s to Exit Any Moment as a Better Person

  • A simple 3-part exercise that transforms any difficult moment
  • Drop the shame of not knowing, and be given the wisdom that transforms any moment
  • The key to conserving the energy you need to succeed
  • Confess your weakness and discover inner strength
  • How to be a profitable human being at all times

Talk Four: Seven Ways to Realize a Conscious Relationship With the Divine

  • How to reach a higher level of spiritual “fitness”
  • Get the unique “taste” of a life of freedom and let it lead you all the way home
  • The higher purpose of all your relationships
  • How to have the “teacher” guide you in any moment
  • Seven simple laws you can use to come into alignment with higher help

This is just a hint of the inner treasures waiting for you in The Golden Rule of Self-Realization. Immerse yourself in these talks and you will find yourself taking a huge step forward toward releasing the power of your True Self.

Discover Who You Really Are and

Your Entire Relationship With Life Will Change

Self-realization is the highest goal of any human being. It completely changes every aspect of your life in ways you can’t even imagine now. But as with anything of true value, achieving it requires a very special kind of work.

If we’re ever to find the better life we want, a life of freedom, inner peace, real meaning, and love, we have to undertake this sacred work, and start taking our lives into our own hands. But to do that, we need guidance – the kind of genuine guidance Guy Finley offers all to sincere seekers.

Get started on your journey to the highest levels of your self. You will find the help you need in Guy Finley’s, The Golden Rule of Self-Realization.


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 Talk One: The Golden Rule of Self-Realization

Talk Two: Three Words to Transcend Any Difficulty

Talk Three: Use the Three C’s to Exit Any Moment as a Better Person

Talk Four: Seven Ways to Realize a Conscious Relationship With the Divine

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