Your Inner Victory Conquers All
Your Inner Victory Conquers All
  • Posted: July 25, 2016
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Key Lesson

It is impossible to live in or with some fear, and to be free at the same time.


As we learn how to take the higher ground inwardly and begin winning that life for which we are created, we are gradually empowered to prevail over any event and challenge that life presents. Often, to our own amazement, we develop a new kind of eagerness to meet old weaknesses because within us is growing a cosmic confidence that cannot be defeated. Our inner victory rewards us with higher resources that help us every moment of the day. Yes, there are still battles to go through, but the end of the war is in sight: with every passing day the power of the intimate enemy is lessened by our growing love for knowing the truth about ourselves. And in spite of what the false self claims, there is no such thing as negative self-knowledge.

That self that fears, for instance, seeing how afraid you are of someone or some situation will always tell you not to look, or if you already have, that that weakness you've just seen in yourself is bad, something to be ashamed of. Well, that self lies. Here's the truth: any part of you that wants you to hide a weakness, or that would hide one from you, is not for you, but is actually against your own best interests.

Here's the proof.

Each time the intimate enemy can convince you to look the other way when sensing something self-defeating going on, it has secretly made you accept that the inner condition you've turned away from is stronger than you. After all, logic reveals that we don't have to hide from what we don't fear. So, if we fear something, it must be greater than us. Do you see the trap here? Agreeing to avoid any inner or outer condition is the same as accepting the false notion that the only alternative is to be defeated by it. This unconscious conclusion serves only one thing: the unconscious fear that wants to keep you serving it.

We must get fed up with being afraid of anything, and this new courage comes to us in direct proportion to our willingness to learn the Truth about ourselves. Any one of these truths is more powerful than a million of the lies about our lives that we have all been conditioned, through fear, to live with. Now, here's a great truth to ponder: without the idea of defeat to stand behind it as a consequence of failing to heed that fear, no psychological fear has any power. Take away the whole idea of being defeated in life and fear falls flat on its face!

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