Stop Taking Fear as Your Guide
Stop Taking Fear as Your Guide
  • Posted: April 6, 2008
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Key Lesson

Giving your consent to live in fear of some moment to come is no different than walking out of the warm sunlight into a dark shadow . . . and then blaming the sun for your sudden chill.


The following key lessons are taken from 365 Days to Let Go. Use their insights to help you put an end to taking the guidance of fear.

In truth, we are never more lost to ourselves, or to the hope of realizing our own unlimited potential, than we are when we give ourselves over to the fear of what may become of our lives, for whoever takes fear as a guide follows not just the blind, but is further deceived into believing that its blinding force is the same as some new and higher power of perception! (December 18)

Fear is what happens to us whenever we forget that the One who created us fears nothing. True courage is remembering this truth and then daring to act upon it in the face of a fear. There is no other cause of fear, and no other true solution. Awareness of this truth awakens in us the action that sets us free. (May 28)

Let us work to lose our fears themselves and not become the poor captives of what they would have us believe must be protected; for what good is it to stand guard outside the front door of any house which thieves have already broken? (June 9)

Real fearlessness comes with knowing that we have everything we need to succeed in the same moment that it's needed. (August 5)

Worry and uncertainty cannot be solved by the mind that creates these self-wrecking states. Only by allowing such fears to run their full course through the mind that has made them can that same mind come to see how it makes its own misery -- then fears are not resolved, they are dissolved. (October 16)

The only way to know for sure whether or not life is inherently good is to never again let some pressure-filled fear convince us that without its guidance, something bad will surely befall us. The truth is that once we see there is nothing good about fear, bad things stop happening to us. (November 1)

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