Learn to Observe Self-Defeating States
Learn to Observe Self-Defeating States
  • Posted: May 21, 2012
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Key Lesson

Measure the degree of your impatience with people (and unwanted moments) -- that you instantly resist -- and you also know the extent to which you've forgotten who you really are... And the true purpose of (your) life.


What must we do to change the balance sheet of our lives so that for every measure of impatience and intolerance there may be at least an equivalent sum of compassion and consideration? How do we learn to use our relationships with others to realize a new kind of relationship with ourselves wherein we are able to discover that who we really are is all we need to be?

Our work must be to learn to bear consciously the appearance of self-defeating states within us when they surface. Life provides the field; we just have to be there to watch for the indicators. Like smoke before the fire, learning to observe impatience and intolerance in ourselves and others will ultimately prove rewarding. Watch these states closely. They will show you what sits beneath them.

To begin seeing that negative states such as anger, impatience, worry, and fear have lodged themselves into the hidden corners of your heart is to discover how they have managed to win their spot. Now it is clear. These internal imposters were able to convince you that their embrace is the same as the strength, safety, and love for which you long. They are not. Bring their punishing presence in your heart into the light of your higher awareness -- and your love of this awareness. Do this, and Love itself will not only banish these imposters but also empower you with the presence of a new and perfect fearlessness.

Every day, every moment you can, come wide awake to yourself and see the false friends you have been holding near and dear within your heart. Don't judge... just see. Let the facts speak louder than the protests of what they reveal.

Excerpted From: Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living, pages 92, 141, 159

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