The Powerful Possibilities of Self-Seeing
The Powerful Possibilities of Self-Seeing
  • Posted: November 7, 2011
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Key Lesson

Struggling to change some unwanted condition in your life without first addressing the character within you that it reflects, is like blaming the mirror for what you don't like seeing (in it).


One sure measure of spiritual growth is found in our developing awareness that each and every present moment of our lives is a special kind of spiritual looking glass. Within its reflection, for those with "eyes to see," are two quite definite and life-altering perceptions.

First, we may see that each unfolding moment of our life -- every experience we have -- reveals and yields the fruits of our past actions, what we "reap" from life. Secondly, these same revealing experiences of self also serve as the seeds of our experiences to come -- all of which depend upon how we use these seeds. In this fashion it can be said that every life moment is a mirror in which we may gaze upon what we have been and what we may become, and witness both in the same instant.

Imagine the powerful, positive potential such a state of self-seeing makes possible for anyone willing to develop such an inner vision. Without stretching thought too much, we can see the possibility of instant self-correction as well as perfect self-direction. Taken even at its simplest level, just being able to perceive and then drop one troubled moment, to detect and reject one punishing thought or feeling, would be the same as ensuring us happier, less troublesome moments to come.

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