How Your Luck Changes When Your Nature Changes
How Your Luck Changes When Your Nature Changes
  • Posted: August 6, 2020
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Key Lesson

Here’s why no spiritual “secret” -- in and of itself -- has the power to transform, let alone raise our consciousness in any meaningful way: no self-knowledge, regardless how subtle, can serve its true purpose unless it is accompanied by the one element capable of actualizing it: consistent, persistent self-honesty.


What is real luck? The following may surprise you!

Have you ever been walking from your kitchen, tripped with a cup of coffee in your hand, and spilled something on the spot? "Oh, look what bad luck. I'm going to have bad luck all day today. I just know it!" Yes or No?

Was it bad luck that you spilled your coffee?

Or was it the fact that you weren't present in your body and that your mind was busy trying to create luck for you someplace else, in another time to come?

So, you walk along, and you spill your coffee. And then instead of seeing the real reason that "bad luck" took place isn't in the split second when we spilled the coffee, but the bad luck took place while we were pouring it, dreaming about being someone, or going someplace, or getting something that would change our life. That's the bad luck. But, at the time, it seems to be the plan that paves the road for good fortune, doesn't it?

I'm trying to convey to you something that's difficult at best.

The truth is we can't have better luck than when something (whether it's an individual or a moment) comes to show you something about yourself that you haven't been able to see. That's a kind of synchronicity. There is a convergence that takes place when something inside of you (on one hand) really wants to understand, really wants to learn. And because of the energy of that spirit (as small as it may be), it attracts to you a corresponding spirit, a corresponding energy. And in that marriage, there is a corresponding unity, and the unity changes your nature. And when your nature changes, your luck changes. But not because luck itself brought you the change, but because you were in the right place to receive the lesson that made it possible for that to happen.

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