Let the Light Shine on Unseen Fears
Let the Light Shine on Unseen Fears
  • Posted: June 22, 2020
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Key Lesson

Our true nature can no more be threatened, let alone diminished by any event in time than can the timeless light of our sun be darkened, or overwhelmed by one of its own beams.


The secret that ends your fear of people, of situations, is the possibility of discovering that these people are as afraid of you as you are of them.

What do you think would happen if you knew that the person you're afraid of is as afraid of you as you are of him or her? How do you think that would change your reaction? That man makes the cruel comment, that woman makes the cutting remark because they're afraid -- not because they're strong, not because they're wise, but because they're afraid.

When we meet fear in people from fear in ourselves, fear proves it's real and deepens our belief in the images we have of ourselves. When we challenge those images by going into that frightening moment, we are saying, "Let me tear down (just a little bit) one drape covering the light. Let me stay here long enough to understand one small thing about this reaction that I'm having."

And if we will dare in those moments to stand and withdraw our usual reaction, what will happen is that we will see that fear withdraw from us.

Here's a specific instance. When people come to you and seem aggressive, cruel or pushy, how many of you know that you have a tendency to back off or fight with them? Do you know if you didn't fight with something that's causing you a negative reaction, and you just stood there and pulled the drapes off to let the light in--do you know what happens to that person? Their fear and their insistence fall flat on its face. You would see that person no longer having anything to resist that you bring into play. You would see them suddenly completely change their "I," the way they are. They would prove to you that they were not what they were pretending to be, but only once you have stopped trying to be or appear fearless in the face of that person, or full of fear and running from them.

Find places in your life where you have a fear. It shouldn't be hard to do. Most of us don't want to say that we have fears, but I promise you, if you look at your finances more than once a day, you're afraid. If you argue with people, you're afraid. If you have enemies, you're afraid. If you rush, you're afraid. If you're anxious, you're full of fear. If you have arguments in your head with yourself, you're full of fear. All these things are indications of an unseen fear that we have mistakenly agreed to be.

Once we pull back the drapes and see that there is a nature in us that has come forward from our past, produced by experiences that never had any light to show us the truth of them, then that fear will begin to disappear. And you will no longer be afraid of scary situations or scary people because you will have transcended the fearful nature that lives in you and that produces them.

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