Let This Realization Change Your Reality
Let This Realization Change Your Reality
  • Posted: October 7, 2013
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Key Lesson

It is your Divine right to walk through this life without any fear of whatever may await you around its innumerable corners.


When all is said and done, what is it that we suffer over other than finding out that something we thought belonged to us... doesn't! You name it: persons, powers, praise, possessions... even our own life proves itself not our own in the appointed time.

Before we can hope to let go of all that is not our own -- with all of the painful relationships attending these mistaken conclusions -- we must be able to see them as such, beginning with this revelation: no fearful sense of limitation or inadequacy belongs to our True Self. As we awaken to see this truth, by the light of what is real within us, we also make this most astonishing discovery: we already have everything we need to succeed. Let's see how this realization changes our reality.

As we realize that our compulsive need to control life is no longer necessary, or that we don't have to have someone or something in our life to lend us a sense of being whole, we gradually stop resisting the changing conditions around us that once threatened these imagined needs. Which means we are released from all forms of feeling ourselves inadequate to these false tasks of trying to fulfill ourselves. Now, instead of fearing unexpected changes, we have a new "role" in life: we are a consciously grateful participant in its ceaseless unfolding.

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