See the Divine Teaching in Unwanted Moments
See the Divine Teaching in Unwanted Moments
  • Posted: December 10, 2020
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Key Lesson

Identifying with some negative reaction to the appearance of any undesirable character revealed within us... amounts to a kind of self-induced exile from the Kingdom of Heaven by reason of self-ignorance.


When an unwanted moment comes along - there's a stress, a strain, somebody's definitely being negative -- aren't you positive that the reason you're in pain and resisting the condition is because of "what they are"? I'm telling you, that's not the case. They are revealing to you something in your consciousness that you don't know is there! And the only way it stays there, and hidden from you, is by convincing you that you must do something, control something, change something outside of you.

We can't change anyone or anything outside of us that is ever going to actually help us understand that in an unwanted moment, what I don't want is to be me. It's such a beautiful lesson, but the medicine is bitter.

Can you imagine the freedom of actually understanding that when you're negative, what you really are negative about in that moment is being identified with something that wants nothing whatsoever to do with being itself? I don't want the experience of my own consciousness when the moment comes to reveal that level of consciousness to me!

Somebody cuts me off on the freeway, somebody snaps at me, somebody doesn't jump through the hoop when I instruct them to do so, and when they don't meet the demand (that they don't even know I have on them), then suddenly they are punished by my expectation. Not because of what they did, but because of that part of myself that must have life do what it wants it to do or else what? Or else that consciousness that is so attached and dependent and fearful that things don't confirm it, suddenly shows itself. And when it shows itself, it's not about to say to me, "Hey, this is great! Here's a chance for you to wake up and see that something lives in you that is set against you entering into this relationship with the Divine that releases you from its very presence."

We love the idea that, when the student is ready, the teacher appears... as long as the teacher is something that we treasure. But let the teacher be a moment that produces something in us that we don't want, and in that moment, we don't want anything to do with this perfect complementary relationship between active and passive forces. No, that's not what we want then! What we want is to get rid of the moment, or whoever it is, or whatever it is that we see as responsible for ruining what we have and what we are.

Who you are, who I am, cannot possibly be this level of self that denies its own being. Let that sink in.

When I don't want the experience of the moment, it isn't the moment that I don't want. What I don't want is the experience of myself that the moment has awakened.

The true path is to see the futility of rejecting, resisting or otherwise trying to push away the experience of myself in order to free myself from the consciousness that only knows to push it away by not wanting the moment -- the Divine teaching -- as it reveals to me what it does.

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