Stand in the Light of Love and Watch Your Life Grow Bright
Stand in the Light of Love and Watch Your Life Grow Bright
  • Posted: December 25, 2007
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Key Lesson

Before we can ever learn to love one another as we would hope to do, we must first be willing to see that for too long we have loved only ourselves . . . and that even this has been done poorly.


The reason it's said "Truth sets us free" is because the only thing holding us captive is that we're living from a false idea about the true purpose of our lives on earth. We are not here to "make something" of ourselves . . . but rather to allow the Light that lives within us to make of us what it will through the action of Love.

The following three key lessons are taken from 365 Days to Let Go. Use their insights to help you see where secret self love is stealing from you the Love you need to be free.

Those who cling to their pride deny themselves, by their own preference, the action of a love upon them that alone is empowered to release them from their pain. (February 9)

The only way we begin to act as a true force of healing in the lives of others is when, at last, we cease to hurt ourselves. (September 17)

Ultimately, it is the power to serve others that best serves those who wish to know the real riches of life, while those who seek power for themselves serve no one, not even their own best interests. (November 2)

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