Take the Weight of the World Off Your Shoulders
Take the Weight of the World Off Your Shoulders
  • Posted: November 29, 2008
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Key Lesson

We can no more measure the value of our life through any one experience of it -- be this "good" or "bad" -- than it's possible to measure the meaning of the universe using a ruler, compass, and carpenter's square.


We are wrongly led to believe that life makes us into the kind of person we are. The truth is that the kind of person we are -- our life-level -- makes life what it is for us! This is why nothing can really change for us until we see that our unhappiness isn't connected with the event, it is the level of it. Let's look at this a little more deeply.

We believe that we meet events and that those events are good or bad, pleasurable or punishing. In other words, our feelings are the reflections of what happens to us moment to moment. That's why, while acting from our current life-level, our first choice whenever we feel distressed is always to try and change the condition we blame for making us feel that way -- the belief being that by changing our unhappy surroundings, we will bring an end to our unhappiness. This has never really worked, and it never really will, because the unpleasant or unhappy condition was not the event but our reaction to it.

What does this new knowledge mean to you? Everything! It means:

  1. You can let go of those resentful feelings toward your job, because the treadmill isn't what you are doing but the way you are thinking.

  2. You can let go of trying to change other people, because you are what is bothering you about them.

  3. You can let go of the fear of unforeseen changes or challenges, because the only thing you really ever have to face is yourself.

Best of all, you can let go of the impossible and unbelievably self-punishing task of thinking that you are responsible for the way the world turns. The only world you are responsible for is your inner world: the world of your thoughts and feelings, impulses and desires. Your life-level is determined by how clearly you can see into this inner world. This new kind of seeing is safety and ultimately the root of all self-success, because when you know where not to step, your walk through life is a safe and happy one.

Excerpted From: The Secret of Letting Go, pages 19-20.

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