The Wisdom You Need to Walk Away from Any Anxious Worry

Do you ever suffer from anxiety? No, that's not a trick question. And if you're willing to agree the answer is ""yes,"" here's something you should know: You're not alone! I'm about to give you some surprising facts, so please bear with me for just a few minutes. Then I'll give you the startling solution to the problem of anxiety that most people will never learn, but that you can use...

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The Wisdom You Need to Walk Away from Any Anxious Worry
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Do you ever suffer from anxiety?

No, that's not a trick question.

And if you're willing to agree the answer is "yes," here's something you should know:

You're not alone!

I'm about to give you some surprising facts, so please bear with me for just a few minutes. Then I'll give you the startling solution to the problem of anxiety that most people will never learn, but that you can use to resolve a pain that has likely tormented you your entire life.

So first, the facts.

According to studies by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 18% of adults in the United States (that's about 40 million people between the ages of 18 to 54) report having bouts with anxiety.

But experts estimate the actual number is closer to 30% because so many people keep their pain to themselves and never report how they feel to a professional.

What makes these numbers so surprising, is not that they are so high, but that they are so low. They don't at all represent the true state of things and the full extent of the problem.

In fact, what they really seem to do is reveal the deluded state of human consciousness.

And here's why:

We've become so used to feeling anxiety, fearing the future, worrying about our finances and our health, rushing, and just being generally disturbed - that we've come to accept it as being the normal condition for a human being to be in.

Unless someone is actually falling apart in the doctor's office, begging for drugs, and unable to cope at all, they're not even counted as being anxious.

But let me ask you something.

Do you know anyone who never feels tense, rushed, or under pressure?

Do you know anyone who never complains, gets bothered by events, becomes frustrated standing in line or waiting in traffic, or snaps at people?

Do you know anyone who never tries to find comfort in food, shopping, alcohol, binge-watching TV, or just talking and talking and talking?

Except for the very rare individual, we all do this. And we never even question it. We don't even see it as something worth mentioning to a doctor. We think, if we can just make it through until we get home tonight, or reach the weekend, or summer vacation... or retirement! - then we'll be okay.

So we self-medicate with pizza, alcohol, and three hours of Breaking Bad or Downton Abbey. But it's not a permanent solution, because we have to start all over again the next morning - groaning a bit when the alarm goes off. "Oh, no. What problems will I have to face today?"

And we think that's just what it means to be an adult in today's world - having our life essence drained away by a perpetual state of angst, and all the self-harming actions it leads us to take.

But just because we've accepted anxiety as a normal, unavoidable part of our lives - does that mean it really is normal? Really is unavoidable?

Could there be another side of the story that we're missing?

And if there is, can we use our new discoveries to see through the lie of anxiety when it starts to take us over - and begin to disentangle ourselves from its web?

I'm about to show you that it is possible, and tell you where you can find the help you need to make it so for yourself.

Don't Fall for the Lie That Anxiety Is Normal!

First of all, the very thought that anxiety could be normal really makes no sense. Oh, it may be "statistically normal," meaning that the majority of people suffer from it. But I'm using "normal" in the sense of "free from disorder."

So, could it be normal to torment ourselves with frightening pictures of things that might happen? Could it be normal to fearfully avoid people and events? Could it be normal to rush and make ourselves less capable of completing what must be done, since rushing only hurts us and does nothing to help us accomplish our goal?

Does it make sense that we would have been designed to function that way?

Just because something is common all around us, doesn't mean it's normal. A cold may have infected everyone we know, but having a cold isn't a normal, healthy state for a human being.

Which brings us to our next question. Is it possible to live without anxiety? Well, look around you at creatures in nature. Their lives are much harder than ours - at least physically. They must constantly forage for food, and it becomes harder when there's been a drought, or it's pouring rain, or it's the dead of winter. And they must constantly be on the lookout for predators. A small finch could easily be a meal for a cat skulking along the ground or a hawk swooping out of the sky.

And yet, they go about their business with no sign of anxiety. Yes, they're attentive to what's going on around them, especially when a predator is near. Walk by a group of birds and they'll all take wing as a single body. But once you pass by, they calmly flutter down and get back to the business of pecking for worms. There's no carryover of anxiety.

Animals are always either active (looking for food or a mate), or at rest. And when they're at rest they are completely relaxed. (Except, of course for some pet animals that seem to take on the neurotic personalities of their owners. I know this because I once had a Siamese cat that was a very uncomfortable mirror to my own nature.)

For the most part, animals don't seem to be looking fearfully at a cloudy sky or complaining to one another about the neighbor's Rottweiler. They fight or flee when they're in danger, but they don't sit around anticipating it.

But, you say, of course animals aren't anxious. They have no imagination. They can't think about the future the way a human being can.

All right then. What about human beings? For the most part we're nervous wrecks. But have you ever noticed that when we're in the middle of a dire and unexpected situation, we can experience a sudden sense of calm? We handle what needs to be handled with amazing aplomb. It's only later, when we're back sitting in our living room and it all "hits us," that we're overcome with anxiety - after the fact and completely unnecessarily.

And we've all seen stories of people who excel in difficult circumstances and appear to be unflappable. They seem to have a quality of character that enables them to get past any anxiety they feel and be in possession of themselves.

So this gives us a big clue. Maybe the problem isn't that humans have an imagination, but that generally we misuse the imagination. And maybe the problem isn't in the conditions themselves. Maybe it's in the person meeting the conditions.

And if that's true, then the solution lies in us. This means, the answer can't be trying to change our outer circumstances; we've been down that path, all ten thousand of them, ten thousand times. A new action is called for, and here it is: we must wake up and see through the part of us that gets anxious through the misuse of our imagination! The more we snap ourselves out these self-induced dark dreams of the anxious kind, the more calm and naturally in command of ourselves we become.

Learn How to Be Free of Worry and Anxiety NOW!

For over 35 years, self-realization author Guy Finley has been helping people begin to question the lies their own minds tell them.

As we've just seen, one of the biggest lies is that anxiety is normal, and there's nothing we can do about it - that we have no choice but to suffer from it.

Guy has now torn the cover off this lie, and provided powerful tools you can use to free yourself from it, in his enlightening audio or video program, The Wisdom You Need to Walk Away From Any Anxious Worry.

Chances are you're worried about something right now. It could be concerns about a loved one. Maybe it's a health issue. Or a financial difficulty. Or wondering what someone is thinking about you. Or maybe you feel you're under some kind of deadline or time pressure, and inside of you your mind and emotions are rushing around like crazy.

What if you could gain a very specific understanding, and learn about a very specific tool, that could relieve you of some of that pressure right away... and set you on the road to a less stressful, less anxious life from now on?

Wouldn't you want to discover for yourself what it was all about?

If so, then I urge you to get your own copy of Guy's one-hour program, The Wisdom You Need to Walk Away From Any Anxious Worry, and begin to absorb its healing wisdom. As you do, you'll first begin to realize that you actually can have a new relationship with your own mind, and with the world you meet every day.

And second, you'll begin to make that new relationship a reality for yourself.

Here are just some of the life-healing truths and tools you'll find in The Wisdom You Need to Walk Away From Any Anxious Worry:

  • Learn a method you can use to get the help you need to return to your inner home - so you feel at ease wherever you go.
  • Understand how to stop squandering your greatest gift - and learn to recognize and use the secret power you've been ignoring all this time.
  • Discover the secret to attracting the attention of higher forces that will make you whole - so you always have the strength you need to face any challenge.
  • Understand the parts of yourself that can't help but lead you into trouble - so you can finally stop doing the evil you don't want to do, and start doing the good you want to do.
  • Develop the ability to recognize and say "no" to the part of you that always leads you away from your inner home and into unhappy places.
  • See through the real cause of rushing, and gain the ability to come out from under its demands.
  • Become free from the pressure your own mind imposes on you.

These are truths the whole world needs to hear. Strangely, though, most people don't want to hear them. They've grown so used to the feeling of being anxious, rushed, and on edge, that they think life would be boring without it. And so they blindly justify the way they feel, while little by little, all their energy and all their pleasure in life is sucked out of them.

But you can be different. You can see that nothing is more boring than the constant state of anxiety that makes almost every experience painfully the same. And, the less time you spend looking at your life through the dark lens of some anxious thought or feeling, the freer you will be to see - and experience - the moments of your life the way you're meant to meet them: quietly, calmly, and fearlessly.

Get the facts and explanations you need in The Wisdom You Need to Walk Away From Any Anxious Worry, and...

You Will Finally Have the Right Conviction to Say "Enough Is Enough"

You've given enough of your life over to worry, doubt, and uncertainty. You've spent enough sleepless nights as your mind throws out fearful pictures of things to come.

How many relationships has it ruined? How many opportunities has it forced you to pass by?

Enough is enough.

The time has come to reclaim your life and start living it for your own sake and the sake of a Higher will - and not for the sake of a habit of anxiety that has settled in to your nature. Now you can boot it out. You'll get the encouragement, the facts, and the tools you need in Guy Finley's life-transforming program, The Wisdom You Need to Walk Away From Any Anxious Worry.

It IS Possible to Walk Away From Anxious Worry... And Now YOU Can Learn How to Do It!

Most of humanity may be steeped in anxiety. But now you don't have to be - not any more. You can become one of the few who is willing to see through the lie of anxiety and break free.

Don't give any more energy to the thoughts and runaway feelings that keep you spinning in a dark world. See through the lie and step into the light of a fresh new life.

The information you need is waiting for you in The Wisdom You Need to Walk Away From Any Anxious Worry.

Get your copy and start breathing free.

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